Our Solution

Privacy Aware, Personalized Recommendation Solution for your content, be it News, Apps, Ads or any kind of content/data one might deliver to users.

A few key points about 0PII framework
  • It supports Apps that showcase Personalized Content, Recommendations and Advertisements to the end users without taking on liability for hosting user data.
  • The user profile is kept in the user device and will not be exposed to anyone else, not even ourselves
  • 0PII delivers its Services without Surveillance, and it is supported by decentralized user data and an Engine designed for User Control, Security and Privacy.
  • We connect Advertisers and Publishers with their (potential) clients, without users giving up privacy in exchange for convenience and services.
  • Uploading user’s data is restricted and enforced. Internet Access is provided by an Open Source Service (Internet Firewall) under total user control. This Service can be manually installed by the user if so s/he chooses.
Key advantages for Publishers and Advertisers:
  • Better Personalized Content and Advertisement, instead of second guessing user’s interests
More advantages for Publishers (Android Application Developers):
  • The user’s good will from the commitment to privacy and security
  • Apps using our solution do not require Location nor Network Permissions *1
  • More downloads of their apps (about 50% of users hate to install apps that want too many permissions, especially Network and Location permissions!)
 Key advantages for users (Privacy and Security):
  • We don’t use tracking, cookies
  • User data never leaves the device
  • The user are safe and secure, as we protect their privacy
  • Users get Personalized Content, without giving up privacy
  • User is in control, and can install some of our services
  • User data never leaves the user’s device, and no 3rd apps gets to upload their data, including ourselves


*1 Apps using our solution, might require Network permissions in order to provide their services to users, but the data stored by 0PII inside user device, is sanboxed and just as safe.


You might be aware of AdMob and MoPub Advertisement platform. Let’s see how these 3 platforms compare:


  AdMob(Google) MoPub(Twitter) 0PII
Requires upload of User/Device Id for targeted Ads Yes Yes No
Apps Required Permissions Network Network None
Requires changes to App Android Manifest File Yes Yes No
Ads Selection Place Cloud Cloud Device
Data used User Tracking Profile stored in the Cloud Cloud profile uploading user Device Browsing & Apps installed Device Browsing & Apps installed
Accidental click prevention option Interactive 2 clicks ? Long Click, non interactive.
Centralized tracking Yes Yes No
Pass User ID in URL Yes Yes No
Show Ads while Offline No No (*might use cached ads, but app needs storage permission) Yes. No extra permissions required for Apps
Biding type Highest payer Highest payer Combination of Best match for user, App Quality, App Install Base and Price
Ads library running Same process Same process In a service hosted by a different process
Requires publisher ID Yes Yes No, uses APK as key
Ads formats Many Many Only Text Ads launching URL or Android App Install. Other Custom formats might be provided by App itself.
Network Access Through App, Closed source with upload and download connection Through App, Closed source with upload and download connection Through separate Open Source Service that allows downloads only, no user/device data is uploaded


Please reach out to edisonn@0pii.com if you are interesting in adopting the SDK, or if you discover any errors.



AdMob: https://developers.google.com/mobile-ads-sdk/docs/

MoPub: https://github.com/mopub/mopub-android-sdk/wiki/Getting-Started