Month: September 2014

Android Privacy Aware Advertising Platform is here for private parties

Our Android Privacy Aware Advertising Platform is here for private parties.

What it is? It is an Ads SDK (like AdMob or MuPub) to be used in your Android Apps. But unless existing solutions, our primary focus is Privacy.

A key advantage is that the SDK works without requiring your App to have Network Access (And no, we do not prevent you from having Network Access in your App either).

You can see our SDK in action here.

If you are interested, drop us a mail or call us.

5 Million emails hacked. Don’t panic! Don’t verify if your e-mail is leaked on potentially dubious websites!

5 Million emails hacked. Don’t panic! Don’t verify if your e-mail is leaked on potentially dubious websites!

 Around 5 million Gmail usernames and associated passwords were leaked on a Russian Internet forum on Tuesday.

Thankfully, less than 2 percent of real, current username and password combinations, or about 100,000, were released, Google’s Spam & Abuse Team wrote in a blog post. Many are old and many don’t match — for example, the user name is for Gmail, but the password is for Facebook.

There’s a link being passed around called, where you can allegedly check to see if your Gmail was hacked. DO NOT DO THAT!

For those who are curious, we have build an Android Hack Alert App, to check if your email address is listed in the hacked list.

Please note that we are NOT recording your email address, or any personally identifiable information in any way – and we never will! And we do not upload your e-mail address.

Based on the first 2 letters of your email address, we download all the hacked email addresses, locally in memory, and then we look up your email in that list.

For example, if you e-mail address is, we request the AC database which contains the list of all the hacked emails that start with AC.

The source code is available at, with the notable exception of our Privacy Aware Advertisement Custom View Control, which is not yet public.

If you are interested in private access to the AdView library, please contact us.