Month: October 2014

German Publishers & Google Analytics

We would like to give a fresh perspective on the frictions between Google and German publishers.

Let’s talk about Google.

Google’s incontestable advantage is quality. Google’s Search Engine, and most of their products for that matter, are great and fast, and their results are unmatched in relevance. Nobody can take away that from Google. They deserve every byte of data they get.

But Google has another advantage, that is somewhat forgotten. We. And by ‘we’, I am not pointing that much at the people, but at the long list of businesses that support Google exclusively with their data.

One of those organisations seems to be Axel Springer, probably the largest digital publishing house in Europe and part of VG Media, a group that sued Google over usage of News Snippets, only to Bow To Google’s Market Power shortly afterward.

So, when Google stopped showing News Snippets from VG Media, did VG Media publishers also stopped serving Google the Analytics?

When navigating to, the page is happily serving Google with a 400-500 characters long Analitycs Url (…)

But do they implement Bing Analytics, Google’s major competitor in the Search space? Any support for Google competitors in the Analytics space? At a simple inspection of Axel Spinger network traffic, they do not seem to.

What does Search and Ads need to improve results? Data! So why VG Media provides Google the Analytic data for free, but not to ANY of their competitors? Google, is the ONLY external site pinged when loading And if we would carefully inspect the long list of VG Media publishers, we would probably find similar results.

So, why don’t they support Google’s competitors? How do they expect to be able to negotiate with Google when only Google is the lucky receiver of all of their attention?

While VG Media pours data (and money) into Google, Google’s competitors are starved of data and revenues.

Those worried about Google’s “monopoly” need to start supporting Google’s competitors soon. They can’t grow without data, just like a plant can’t grow without water.

Forget killer robots, what do we do about the faceless A.I. that ‘helps’ us today?

Elon Musk is scarred about the killer robots that we might build tomorrow, policy makers and journalist worry that Google could manipulate election results (if they would want), and Privacy watchdogs filed complaint against Facebook’s emotion manipulation experiments.

But there is a more immediate danger, one that we live right this moment. It is the danger that humanity is already manipulated by the A.I. for greater profits.

Think about a minute, most High Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix and others, already use A.I. to maximize profits and deliver News, Ads, Movies and Music recommendations, Apps to install and much more.

The full force of A.I. has been unleashed to deliver greater profits.

What if, the A.I. starts to manipulate the humanity in order to increase the profits. Certainly, few people with intimate knowledge of the A.I. would dare speculating about the nasty things their toddler A.I. might be doing. Just for speculating, you could get fired (don’t ask me how I know that). Even fewer people would dare measuring if and how the A.I. is manipulating us.

Yes, it might sound crazy, but given enough time, enough data and good enough A.I., one day the A.I. will certainly understand how to play humanity, so the profits to their masters are ever increased.

It might happen tomorrow.

It might happen today.

It might had happened already yesterday.


But who cares, anyway?