Month: February 2015

Digital Secretary Recommends Android Apps

Download Android Digital Secretary from Google Play Store.

It turns out that Nobody(tm) cares about Privacy, especially when it comes to big names like Facebook, users will install just anything, even a Facebook Messenger  with creepy permissions and even creepier Privacy Policy, though not without badly rating the App.

Last year a research study (no link, sorry, we can’t find it now, for some reason Google does not cooperate) showed that over half of the users will check multiple Apps and they will settle with the one with least intrusive Permissions.

Well, last year, early June, Google had greatly simplified permissions in Play Store. A little bit too much. It stopped showing all permissions at app install, most annoying one being the removal of “Full Network Access”.

Take that Privacy Aware user! Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page to check all the permissions. Just say thanks you don’t have to install the App in order to check for the actual permissions.

Even a year later, we are still annoyed by the lack of permission reporting at install (not to say about the complete lack of “Search by permission” by the best search engine in the world) so we asked our Digital Secretary for help, and by building on top of PlayDrone database that is publicly available on Internet Archive, Apps that do not require Network Access, have their own exclusive “Market”.

You can enjoy advanced search of 77,000 Android Apps that surely respect your privacy. Get our Digital Secretary from Play Store – and check the Permissions too, it will be the last time you will have to.

Just to be clear for the picky ones, lack of “Full Network Access” is not a guaranty of the safety of an App, but it provides 99% of the benefit with 1% of the effort. We will further curate the Apps in the future for your safety.

Please, do share the Digital Secretary with your friends. Especially those that are not in the technical area will benefit greatly. Show them you are a good friend, help them to preserve their safety and privacy.

Thank you!


For Android developers: if you want to change the description of your App, or if you believe we should show your app in the recommended list of a category, let us know. Please send mail from (or CC) your developer email listed in Play Store.