Month: May 2015

Journalists Deliver The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Privacy, Crown Facebook As The ‘King of Content’

It was first the Government that requested our privacy, in exchange for protection. All in all, a pretty damn good excuse, if you value your life so much. Government knows more about us, and in return they bring criminals to justice, including the worse of all, the terrorists. Leave aside its effectiveness, as the government does not cite a single case in which analysis of the NSA’s bulk metadata collection actually stopped an imminent terrorist attacks, and it was even ruled unconstitutional.

Then, corporations gave us results, services, recommendations and personalized assistance in exchange for our data. They hide their true intention in the Orwellian ‘Privacy Policy’, nothing more than a plain ‘Surveillance Agreement” that we all sign with our eyes closed.

Not to say that most of those services can be provided with way more privacy, which is refused, unless is imminent.

Even for the paranoids is hard to ignore the benefits of the could, although the way corporations implemented it, brings us other terrible societal changes. US corporations refusal to allow users to have their data stored in their own country, has pushed countries like China, Russia and others to legislate the regional storage of their citizens data, creating an environment where any citizen is afraid that Government might have their data, leaving little options for those citizens that would dare correcting their own Government policies.

Journalists on the other side should be there for us, the people.

But are they?

Journalism has become a disgruntled entity, envious on Google’s success, with little investments in alternatives by their publishers. Take example of German publishers that are quick to sue and lose in a fight with Google, but are not that much interested to actually invest in tech alternatives.

Google’s value comes from their index, that powers their search engine. And Facebook has a great strategy to fight Google.

Facebook wants to undercut Google Indexing by being the one to host/own the content or by being the pipe that gives access to content. That is obvious in their initiative, and Journalists signed their soul away making a pact with Facebook, crowning them as the ‘King of Content’.

So much for your privacy rights dear readers users.

From here the next steps are obvious.

But the final Facebook goal is simple: one day, Google will have to beg Facebook for fresh content to index. And users will get internet access through special Facebook pipes, that Google will not be allowed to access.



What have you done with my privacy dear journalists Bro’?