Month: September 2015

Free Porn Economy Is Not Indicative of What Boys Want nor of What Girls Do

As I was traveling in Twitterland, I found a very interesting article about How to Talk with Children about Pornography.

The focus of my Indie is Ads, Privacy, Security and Decentralization, so what does Porn have to do any of these?

Well, it has, and quite a lot, as the Invisible Hand of Ads is shaped by, and shapes, the Online Porn industry.

I will limit the scope of this article to Online Free Porn Industry, industry related and interdependent to Art Movies, Porn Movies, Printed Porn and Online Payed Porn. But if you think any of those are bad, let me tell you, Online Free Porn is a few degrees worse, on a Richter scale.

Porn, without any doubt, will find a way to enter the life of our teenagers, even children. From the Search engines that miss-classify Porn Images or Videos (as we surrendered our responsibility to deficient Artificial Intelligence), to Porn Spam, to pranks of older children, to introduction from friends and websites that use typoed domains going to websites that do not even put a splash screen before displaying the adult images, Porn without any doubt will find our kids.

Being subjected to such an ocean of material, like it’s not a big legal deal, might make one think that this is What Boys Want and What Girls Do.


The subject that I would like to elaborate about in this post is why Online Free Porn (Economy) Is Not Indicative when it comes to our sexual life.


I would like to compare a good search engine with a porn website/app, which I will claim that is nothing else than a limited vertical search engine, only for porn videos.


A search engine makes money because various users come to it, with various intentions. Especially users that come looking to shop for something, provide good advertising opportunities, as they might actually need something (to buy). So the opportunity to make money for the search engine is there, from the actual need of users for various products.


A visitor to a porn website comes to it only for one reason, maybe two, if you consider the entertainment value. And there is nothing in the world the user needs to buy at that moment. He would not even have a free hand to type in the credit card number.


So how do the porn websites make money from Ads?


Let assume someone builds the Google of Porn. You go on, and search for what you might like, and it is there, in the first page, and you click it, you watch it, and then you close your incognito window, which by the way kills all those pesky (Ad) cookies.


Wait, but with this perfect search, and no intention whatsoever to click an Ad, the makes no money. You clicked no ad, you bought no subscription, so really, how can can make a profit. And keep in mind that Youtube and Vimeo have a hard time bringing profits because video is so damn expensive!


The reality is that CAN’T make money.


The first lesson is that Online Free Porn websites can’t thrive on result quality, but they thrive nevertheless, so how do Ads fuel their profits?


Well, the has something that the (male) users want. The client is there, but unwilling to pay, or click Ads.


So we have a resource that is capable to bring in the user, on a periodic schedule, though none of them would bring money, and it actually costs a lot to provide the service.


It does not take a genius to understand that something really nefarious must happen in order for the business to survive.


The first problem has is that users do not stay long on the website, to actually have the opportunity to click on Ads. The longer the user is on the website, the more likely is that the user will click, even if accidentally, an Ad.


The matter of fact is that accidental Ad clicking seems to be part of Porn Web design. On PornHub mobile, sometimes, an Ad appears a second or two after the video, and then it pushes the video away, and in the place you would click ‘Play video’, there is now an Ad, which the user will likely click by mistake.


Also, some Ads on porn websites mimic the navigation bar (first, previous, next, last) so the user would click the misleading Ad instead of next page of results. Such Ads could be found for months at a time without the porn website banning them.


Now, that we have a strategy to actually get a click on an Ad, how do you keep the user longer?


Well, the only way to keep the user longer, is to distract him with lots of videos that HE DOES NOT WANT TO WATCH. Those videos, although PORN with the ingredients that the user had come for, are not enough to be have slightly poor production quality, they must bring the user REPULSION, so he would go in the search of another video, which will increase the likelihood to click an Ad.


This is important, keep in mind, most likely the user is horny, and for a male brain intoxicated with testosterone, it is not enough for the video to be slightly un-relevant, the video must totally tell the user “I’m disgusting, don’t watch me, look for something else”.


So the second lesson is that most videos are not something that males are eager to watch. Online Free Porn is not What Boys Want, aux contraire.


That is why Porn websites thrive on quantity over quality, and diversity over relevance, because the gems have to be hidden, and users must be kept long enough on the website, long enough to click Ads, but not too long so the user goes to another Porn website/app.


Next, I would like to talk about recurrent customers. How do you keep them coming. In the end that boy will find a girl to have sex with, so how can the Porn Website make sure the boy is coming back?


There are three major reasons why men keep coming back.


First, because it offers men what they can’t have. And there are plenty of men trapped in relationships that end up in a sexless life, or in the dark, literally. Some of those men will became recurrent users, and there is nothing we can do here.


Second, because, again, it offers men what they can’t have, in the form that they stop responding to normal sexual stimulus, as they have been conditioned to respond to artificial, disgusting, and/or out of this world stimulus, coming not only from Porn Videos, but also from Ads that feature women with makeups that make them look like minors, or videos played in short bursts at speeds two, three or more times the normal one.


The third reason why men keep coming back is, again, because it offers men what they can’t have, as some of them start to like that disgusting sex, that they saw way too often, and no women is interested to offer it.


Which brings us to the last point, Online Free Porn has nothing to do with what (normal) Women do, normally, in bed.


A lot to digest, and a lot to think about. Online Free Porn has changed how teenagers are introduces into the Adult world, and not for the better.


Online Free Porn is not the only business that feeds on customer misery, and teenagers must understand that it is a beast that needs to be fed money. Those Videos and Ads must be viewed as a whole complex system that together bring profits. Nothing more, nothing less.