Month: December 2016

Targeted and Trackless Advertising

This is a quick post to reply for a tweet.

So, Yes, Publishers have serious problems because their Ads are blocked by Ad Blockers, and by Privacy Boosters that block trackers (like

Can we do Trackless Advertising, that is also Targeted? Yes. I actually build an Android SDK for that. If you want to demo it, install a few of our Android Apps.

The idea is that we keep user data on user device, inside a black-hole service, that has access to internet in an one-way, download only fashion. The Ads Engine Service download Ads metadata in bulk from time to time, and we match each Ad against User Profile and Settings, and we display the best scoring Ads based on App Context, when Apps request Ads Displays, Ads that are rendered on top of the Apps, so the App never gets even access to inspect the Ad.

Our Web Solution is build around an Iframe, that hosts the Ads and uses HTML5 Local Storage to cache Ads Metadata and store user preferences, without EVER uploading them to a server.

This December we will finalize the Full Offline Search for Wikipedia, and then early next year we will finalize the platform for the Web.

There are some monetization schemes that will be changed, for example, pay per view will not be supported, but in the end we believe it will be worth it.

FYI: In terms of Web SDK, it seems that is one step ahead of us. We highly recommend to look into their solution too.

If you are a Web Publisher or an Android Developer, and you are interested in our Trackless Targeted Ads for Web and Android, ping us, and we will get something rolling for you.