Month: March 2017

To comply or not to comply, or how Governments-Corporations cyber warfare started

There are only 2 types of Corporations. Those that comply with Governmental laws and regulations, and those that, well, don’t give a damn, or worse, subverts them.

Media exploded today on pointing how Uber deceives Governments and Law Enforcement Agencies at a global scale.

But unknown to Mr. England and other authorities, some of the digital cars they saw in the app did not represent actual vehicles. And the Uber drivers they were able to hail also quickly canceled. That was because Uber had tagged Mr. England and his colleagues — essentially Greyballing them as city officials — based on data collected from the app and in other ways. The company then served up a fake version of the app, populated with ghost cars, to evade capture.

There are so many problems here, I don’t even know where to start.

But let’s be clear on what we have here: this is an example of SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGY used AGAINST OUR DEMOCRATIC ELECTED GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES, voted by the people.

The power of data in the hands of companies that operate in the I-ain’t-gonna-comply space, just demonstrated the genius of Mr. Murphy.

If a company refuses to comply with rules and regulations, and deploys what is nothing else than a cyber weapon against authorities, then what should we expect in usage of such cyber weapons deployed against smaller fishes, like the competition, or against their own users, you know, to calm them down and avoid agitation.

Uber is not even that strong compared with other Tech Titans, who hold far more powerful surveillance capabilities, more user data, more cash, more employees, better Artificial Intelligence, and true monopoly in access to content and user influence.

If Silicon Valley does not fear God, it should fear at least Satan…