About Us

The information age has evolved to a point where information about anyone and everyone can be accessible. For a time, most people were either willing participants in relinquishing this data or had no idea that simple entry of personal data would allow unlimited access to information they never wanted to share. Events of the last few years show just how rampant the misuse of this data has become. And those with bad intentions have done a lot of damage by accessing our personal data.

As advertisers, these personal data security lapses have caused a great deal of public mistrust about providing or releasing any information that isn’t absolutely necessary. Endless bombardments of spam phone calls, texts and emails have caused consumers to  fear that their data is being mined, misused or taken advantage of. A recent survey revealed that people are not confident in the way that companies collect, use, handle and share data. Just 38% of those surveyed believe companies will keep their data safe, while only 22% are confident their details will not be sold to other organizations. Those numbers do not illustrate confidence.

0PII stands for Zero Personally Identifiable Information. You don’t need your customers’ data to sell them your products and services. The information you may think you need is the information consumers are no longer secure with giving up. So why not make them feel safe about visiting your site receiving your ads, and using your apps on whatever device they employ? When they see our logo on your site or app they’ll know their data is protected and that you have no intention of using it for anything other than giving them what they are looking for.

Trust. That’s why they came to you in the first place and it is why they will return.

  When consumers see this logo on your ad, website or app they will know their personal information is safe and secure. Call or email us today to find out more.