An ounce of User Control is worth a pound of Malware Scanners and Antiviruses

How come Android, which is probably the most secure operating system, with its mandatory application sandbox for all applications and application-defined and user-granted permissions is by far the most common host for mobile malware?

How much the new Android security tool from Google, Malware Scanner, will help? Is the periodically check for threats enough? Our wild guess: we must go deeper.

The root cause is trust. We trust too many Apps. In a market with over a million Apps, surely there will be a few bad apples.

The way we can stop malware from doing damage in the first place, is to go one extra step with the application-defined and user-granted permissions for Network Access.

Users need to be alerted before an App tries to access and upload user’s data. We must know When, Why, What and to Whom our data is sent.

Our Internet Firewall extends the Android’s Network Permission model, guaranteeing piece of mind when using OTHER Apps by providing user controlled, fine-grained access to Internet for OTHER Android Apps and it enables Android Apps to download, but not upload.

But Apps, need to monetize themselves, and all the Advertising SDKs require Network access from hosting Apps. That is why we created a new Advertising SDK which does not require internet Access for hosting Ads.

The extension of the Android Network Permission Model will prevent your Flashlight from tracking you. Just try our Flashlight, build with our services – even as it is able to display advertisements, it is *not* able to upload any of your data.


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