Android Apps

  • R.O.S.E. – Read Only Search Engine

    Search Offline inside 40,000 Medical articles from English Wikipedia. Advertisement (targeted or not) and Personalized Services  does not mean giving up your privacy or your data. 0PII Digital Secretary consists of a 100% ‘Do Not Track’ implementation for News, Ads and App Recommendations including a Privacy Aware, Personalized News Reader and Personalized Recommendations for carefully selected Apps from Play Store for your security and safety.

    P.S. the size of this App is 80MB because it includes the Medical Database. In the next version ROSE will be a few MB, and we will download the databases instead, as the database will grow up to 10GB, to accommodate search for Whole Wikipedia.

  • Smart Pin

    Avoid using 4 digit bad pins for your Credit Cards. Get informed, stay away.

    Bad Passwords

    Stay away from using these bad passwords. You have been warned!

  • OIL


    Oil effect for your Pictures – a Safe App, Without Network Permissions!

  • HA

    Hack Alert

    Ever wondered if your e-mail had ever been hacked? Check now with an Open Source Android App. Open source, code available on

  • IF

    Internet Firewall

    Internet Firewall provides user controlled, fine-grained access to Internet for Android Apps. The project will be open source and available to download from github soon.

  • DF

    Flashlight – Without Network Permissions!

    A Flashlight without Network Permissions! Flashlight does not require Network Access, but it is supported by 0PII Ads Firewall Service.  This is a quick release of Best Flashlight HD we bought from

  • AA

    Ascii Art – Without Network Permissions!

    An Ascii Art App without Network Permissions!

  • IFD

    Internet Firewall Demo

    A demo showing the usage of Internet Firewall Service for Android.

  • 0PII Ads Firewall Demo

    This app is a simple Demo of the Ads Firewall Service by 0PII. A 100% ‘Do Not Track’ implementation.