What does Internet Firewall do?

Internet Firewall can be used by any Android App that creates a one-way, download-only delivery for data from internet. Once embedded in the app, 0PII allows the user to manually permit the level of two-way  communication they are comfortable with. The benefit to the user is that their data stays on their phone. Whatever the App does with his/her data, it will not leave the device.

Individual Apps will not require full network access permissions. Instead, they will connect through our service when they need to download data from internet. This service is perfect for apps providing themes, news, updates, and other features that rely only on a download stream and need access to input like Video, Audio, GPS, and other sensors.

How do we get Internet Firewall?

The project will be open source and available to download from github. Anyone will be able to personally build and run the One-Way Internet Communications Service on their Android device. The Service is also available on the Android Play Store.

What is the benefit to app developers and publishers?

When an App wants data from the internet, our service will accept a request in the form of a URL and a reason to be delivered to the user. The URL and reason will be shown to the user, who can accept/deny as they wish. If the user accepts, the Service will make the connection on behalf of the App, and then the Service will send the App the requested data as the user allowed. So the App will not be able to transmit anything over internet other than the URL, without the user being aware.

Recommendations and Ads Service — How do I know your service will not upload my profile to the cloud?

Our Recommendations and Ads App does not have Internet Access Permission nor do the apps that use our service. They use the User Controlled, Open Source, Internet Firewall Service.

What Mobile platforms are supported?

Right now we support Android and we will launch versions for other platforms too.

Sources will be available here soon: https://github.com/0PII/Lima