Let’s face it. Social networks like Facebook have run into many problems regarding the collection of personal information and privacy controls. To address customer concerns they have tweaked third-party applications ability to access consumer data when someone “signs up using Facebook”. But the fact is that even if someone signs up anonymously as their latest tweaks promise, Facebook is still watching and collecting personal data.

Why are people okay with this?  Trust.

At 0PII, we offer a solution that will provide true security for your customers’ personal data. So think of it this way, 0PII = Trust. Trust in the knowledge that your customers’ data is private and protected. We will not collect it, we will not sell it. We simply use it to help them get anonymous access to the news, information and advertising they are seeking. That’s it.

What 0PII provides

We provide PAPeRS (Privacy Aware Personalized Recommendations and Services) because the future will be personalized.

But …

Personalization does not mean giving up your privacy or your data. We don’t give any data to third parties. Actually we don’t give any of your customers’ data to anyone, we don’t upload any of their data in the cloud (we don’t even have a server), it does not require login, and their information is only used to decide what they want and let them control how to get it.

Zero Personally Identifiable Information  = 0PII


What we DON’T do

  • We don’t track our users
  • We don’t issue cookies
  • We don’t keep profiles in the cloud
  • We don’t upload any end user data
  • We don’t require any logins


Install 0PII’s R.O.S.E. (Read Only Search Engine) from Android Play Store, an App that does NOT track your searches or News Reading habits, and let us know how we can make it better.


  When consumers see this logo on your ad, website or app they will know their personal information is safe and secure. Call or email us today to find out more.