For the first time, a Google Pillar has lost a (technical) battle, Firefox dethrones Chrome as best Browser

Firefox 57 brings 2 major updates for the browser:

  1. Finally, it has placed the Refresh button on the left side, closing a major usability gap with Chrome. Might not seem much, but for many users accustomed with Chrome, closing windows from right is actually a serious annoyance. Without this update I would have not made Firefox my default browser.
  2. FF57 is Blazing Fast, 50% faster than Chrome on all my devices, actually noticeable in the day to day usage.

Now, there are many other improvements, but they will matter little to the masses, including developers.

Reading the News, especially Silicone Valley press, one would think that the business deal to put back Google Search in Firefox is the real news topic to talk about.

But the shocking news is, actually, that for the first time, an established Google Pillar, Chrome, has lost a major (technical) battle.

This battle is the first one on which Google is forced to cease territory in terms of Technical dominance, and it will be a model to be followed in battles with other pillars (Android, Search, Ads, Youtube, Maps and Gmail). While this will not translate in terms of revenue lost, nor user base, at least in the beginning, it accelerates developer and user attrition from Google ecosystem.

Open Source community makes slow but steady inroads into Silicon Valley dominance, and sooner or later, Google will go Microsoft way, continuing to be a strong profit maker, but not an essential part of our life.

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