Internet Firewall

It’s not uncommon to see this screen pop up prior to downloading a new app.


This warning means that the end user has to figure what all of this means, or just blindly agree to it. Consider the User License Agreements of days past when people purchased and installed software on their computers. If they didn’t agree to pages of legal terms then they couldn’t install the software. With apps, when a consumer agrees to download an app, they’re also agreeing to give up data they don’t have to. This is because the average user simply accepts the default controls and permissions.

0PII gives publishers and developers the opportunity to remove this step from the download process. No permissions needed.


Because with our Android Internet Firewall 0PII will enable Android Apps to download, but not upload. That means the user’s personal data stays on their device. No insecurity or fear about having to relinquish information. No confusion or trying to make sense of what all those permissions mean. Just a simple download and that’s it.




Install Internet Firewall from Android Play Store.