Question of the day – Is a radicalized population, easier to Data Mine?

The Invisible Hand, through Advertisement, has pushed Radio and TV into polarizing us during the last Century.

Polarization has emerged as a natural process of segmenting population.

Let’s think about 3 radio stations, one unpolarized, and two polarized across a topic, say politics. Who will make more money, and how long will their business survive?

The unpolarized radio station, which features a diverse set of radio programs, will attract people from various backgrounds, so the size of the audience, should be a benefit in the eyes of the advertisers. Or so one would think.

Let’s assume that the unpolarized radio station attracts 2 million listeners. The Advertisers would pay, say, $2m for an Ad. But that Ad reaches too many people that are not interested.

Say, the polarized radio stations, will have half of audience, 1 million listeners each, as their message is rejected by half of the potential listeners.

Will advertisers be willing to pay $1m dollars for an Ad, because it is half of audience? No. They are willing to actually pay more. They will pay, say, $1.1m to each Radio station. And no, it is not necessarily the same Advertiser (although it could be if it produces special Ads for each audience segment).

The polarized radio stations will have an advantage over the large unpolarized radio station. A 10% increase in Ad revenues, could mean that the polarized radio stations will grow at a higher rate, can pay better their employees, can attract better employees, can produce better quality programs.

It is just a matter of time until the Polarized opinions win.

Polarized Programs >> Segmentation of listeners >> Better Ad Prices targeted to those audience >> Increased Profits for Polarized Radio Stations >> Unpolarized Radio Station meaningless at best, or out of business.

We have seen this effect in the last Century.

But what about today and tomorrow? What can we expect when we combine Advertisement with AI?

The most important question to ask is “Is a radicalized population, easier to Data Mine”. In other words, do we get better “user feature prediction” when users are radicalized?

If the answer is Yes, and I believe the answer is Yes, then this is what we will expect from AI powered Advertisement.

AI will help radicalize people in order to aid with user data mining, whose results will lead to better Ads served to user, which will improve profits.

If we let AI control/recommend what content users consume, then, effectively, AI will manipulate humanity into extreme radicalization, as this polarization will aid either its Membership or its Advertising profits, or both.